Calgarians Embrace the Vibrant Spirit of Lunar New Year Festivities

Calgary residents eagerly immersed themselves in the enchanting ambiance of the Lunar New Year celebrations this year. In commemoration of the Year of the Dragon, a plethora of lively performances, both indoors and outdoors, were held at the Westgate Community Association Hall on Saturday. The festivities captivated attendees with their awe-inspiring lantern festival, enchanting live dances, and exhilarating ice skating activities.

The air was filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation as Calgarians gathered to ring in the Lunar New Year. The vibrant lantern festival adorned the venue, casting a warm glow on the faces of the visitors. Delicate Chinese lanterns delicately swayed in the gentle breeze, igniting a feeling of joy and celebration.

Live dances mesmerized the audience, showcasing the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Lunar New Year. From traditional Chinese dance performances to contemporary choreography inspired by the Dragon theme, the dancers captivated spectators with their grace and artistry.

Additionally, residents had the opportunity to showcase their skating skills on the ice rink, adding an element of fun to the festivities. The rhythmic sounds of skates gliding across the shimmering ice echoed throughout the venue, creating a harmonious symphony that added to the celebratory atmosphere.

Calgarians embraced the spirit of unity and cultural diversity, as they came together to rejoice in the Lunar New Year festivities. The event provided a platform for individuals from various backgrounds to connect and appreciate the beauty of different traditions.

In this vibrant celebration of the Lunar New Year, Calgarians affirmed their commitment to fostering a community that acknowledges and embraces cultural diversity. The festivities acted as a reminder that unity and understanding are the common threads that bind us all, regardless of our heritage.

The Year of the Dragon has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the hearts of Calgarians, uniting them in the spirit of hope and renewal as they welcome the start of a new lunar cycle.


Q: What was the focus of the Lunar New Year celebrations in Calgary this year?
A: The focus of the Lunar New Year celebrations in Calgary this year was on the Year of the Dragon.

Q: Where were the celebrations held?
A: The celebrations were held at the Westgate Community Association Hall.

Q: What activities took place during the celebrations?
A: There were lively performances, including a lantern festival, live dances, and ice skating activities.

Q: What was the atmosphere like at the celebrations?
A: The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation.

Q: What was the highlight of the lantern festival?
A: The highlight of the lantern festival was the warm glow cast by the delicate Chinese lanterns.

Q: What kind of dances were performed?
A: There were traditional Chinese dance performances as well as contemporary choreography inspired by the Dragon theme.

Q: What was the significance of the ice skating activities?
A: The ice skating activities added a fun element to the festivities.

Q: What did the celebrations represent in terms of community?
A: The celebrations represented unity and cultural diversity, bringing individuals from various backgrounds together.

Q: What message did the celebrations convey?
A: The celebrations conveyed the message that unity and understanding are important regardless of heritage.

Q: What impact did the celebrations have on the community?
A: The celebrations left a lasting impression on the hearts of the community, uniting them in hope and renewal.


1. Lunar New Year – The Lunar New Year is the Chinese New Year, which follows the lunar calendar and is celebrated by various Asian cultures.
2. Lantern festival – A festival that involves the display of lanterns, often in colorful and elaborate designs.
3. Calgarians – Residents of Calgary, a city in Alberta, Canada.

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