Swansea Point Prepares to Celebrate Super Bowl LVIII Victory

Swansea Point, regardless of the winning team in Super Bowl LVIII, is gearing up for a massive celebration. The Swansea Point Volunteer Fire Department recently shared a Public Service Announcement on their Facebook page, informing the community about an upcoming fireworks display.

On Sunday, February 11, a private function taking place on Mara Heights Road has been granted a permit to set off fireworks between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) has approved and issued the permit, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the event.

Emerald City Fireworks Ltd. has been hired to supervise the fireworks show, guaranteeing a spectacular display for all attendees. However, with such pyrotechnic displays, it is essential to consider the well-being of our beloved pets.

Loud noises from fireworks can often scare pets, so it is advised to keep them inside during the display. Drawing the curtains and leaving a television or radio on can help distract them from the noise and provide a sense of security.

Swansea Point’s community is known for its tight-knit nature, and this upcoming celebration will further strengthen the bond among its residents. Whether you are rooting for one of the Super Bowl teams or simply looking forward to a fantastic display, Swansea Point’s festivities will undoubtedly be a memorable experience.

Let us come together and support the event, ensuring everyone’s safety, and enjoy the joyous atmosphere that Swansea Point is renowned for.


1. Kdy bude ohňostroj v Swansea Pointu?
Ohňostroj bude probíhat v neděli 11. února.

2. Kde bude ohňostroj probíhat?
Ohňostroj se uskuteční na Mara Heights Road.

3. Kdo organizuje ohňostroj?
Ohňostroj je organizován soukromou akcí, které bylo uděleno povolení k jeho konání.

4. Kdo zajistí bezpečnost ohňostroje?
Společnost Emerald City Fireworks Ltd. byla najata k dohledu nad ohňostrojem a zajistí úchvatnou show.

5. Jak se mohu postarat o své domácí mazlíčky během ohňostroje?
Hlučné zvuky z ohňostrojů mohou mazlíčky vystrašit, proto je doporučeno je během ohňostroje nechat uvnitř domu. Zatáhněte závěsy a zapněte televizi nebo rádio, aby odvrátili pozornost od hluku a měli pocit bezpečí.

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